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Aurizon offers so much more than a career. Our business provides an array of employee benefits from partnering with a leading health provider, parental and family support, professional development, study assistance, flexible working arrangements and so much more. We set our employees up for success both inside and outside of the work place. To find out more check out our benefit offerings.

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Flexible working at Aurizon

Enhanced parental leave

As well as ensuring our eligible employees have access to their minimum entitlements, we provide additional benefits to parents who are starting or growing their family. Some of these benefits include 14 weeks full pay (or 28-weeks leave at half pay), secondary carer leave and superannuation Super Booster.

Shared Care

Our ‘Shared Care’ initiative provides greater choice for families considering childcare options for their child in the first year, where at least one partner works for Aurizon. ‘Shared Care’ is inclusive of all families including same sex couples and single parents and is available to birth parents and adoptive parents.

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Help at Home

We have a ‘Help at Home’ program aimed at easing the transition back to work for employees to manage their responsibilities at home. It is available to all eligible employees returning to work after taking parental leave.

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Domestic and Family Violence leave

We care for the safety and wellbeing of our people and are committed to a workplace culture where our people are safe, respected and feel valued. Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is serious, therefore we can make a difference to employees by providing a safe environment and specific support measures.

Recreational and other leave benefits

We provide paid annual leave in line with industry standards, accrued progressively during the year, accumulating each year. Some employees may be eligible for enhanced long Service leave provisions.

In addition to personal and carers leave, some of the other leave benefits that may be available to employees are cultural leave, gender affirmation leave, military leave, leave to undertake jury duties, natural disaster and emergency services leave. Our employees can also request career breaks.

Discount partners

We offer discounted personal travel including flights, accommodation and car hire and partners with multiple retail businesses including Nespresso, Allure, Mantra, Qantas, Dell, Apple, WINC, BOC and Blackwood.

Flexible working

Depending upon the role you hold within Aurizon, there may be a number of flexible working arrangements available to you - part time employment, job sharing, adjusting start or finish times, flexible work schedules, working from home and graduated return to work.

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Why Marty asks, "Hey, R U OK?"

Discounted health insurance

Our employees can access discounts on personal health insurance with Bupa. Employees can choose from single, single parent, couple, family cover as well as the level of cover that aligns with individual personal or family needs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We offer a free comprehensive independent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to support employees with the challenges and demands of day to day work and personal life. EAP is a professional counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting an employee at work or at home. It gives employees and members of their families' 24/7 access to qualified professionals, including psychologist, social workers and management coaches.

Fitness Passport

We provide our employees with access to Fitness Passport – a corporate health and fitness program that allows its members to access over 1300 gyms, pools and fitness centres Australia wide. The program offers reasonable weekly rates for single, family or dependants with no joining or annual fees.

Blood donation leave

We believe it's important to not only look after our own health, but where possible, be able to help the health of others. We offer paid leave, including travel time to support blood donation.


Inclusion at Aurizon

Community Giving and local partnerships

It is important for us to support local communities where our employees work and live and to give back where we can. Community Giving Fund, our bi-annual cash grant program supports not-for-profits working in the areas of safety, education, environment and health and wellbeing. We also partner with organisations and community groups to deliver key local and regional programs, where our employees lead the engagement, creating stronger community connections.

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Employee led action inclusion groups

We have a number of active employee-led social action groups fostering workplace inclusion, community engagement and fundraising. This includes our ALLin Network for our LGBTIQ+ community and allies, a Gender Balance Reference Group and an Indigenous Reference Group.

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Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

As a company with a large regional community footprint, we are serious about having a positive influence on our nation’s reconciliation efforts. By focusing on relationships, respect and opportunities, we aim to create better partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities where we operate and strengthen the reconciliation journey for our company. Reconciliation Australia endorsed our third Reconciliation Action Plan as a ‘Stretch’ RAP, recognising the progress we have made with embedding reconciliation within our company. It is a testament to the commitment and involvement of our employees in building more inclusive workplaces.

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Who am I? Meet Dalpreet

Career Trackers partnership

Our ongoing 10-year partnership with Career Trackers provides us an opportunity to help develop the next generation of Indigenous university students through corporate internships.

Annual graduate development program

We offer a two-year graduate development program to students from multiple Australian Universities to work across our operations. As part of this program, graduates are offered rotation opportunities across the Company, facilitating learning across a range of jobs and work environments. The program is open to all graduates regardless of when one may have graduated.

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Careers in Action - Future Leaders program

We offer an accelerated development program, that is designed specifically for people with demonstrated leadership or technical experience from other industries who are looking to change, grow, or restart their careers.

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Internal training

We are using modern virtual reality tools and on-site experience to help our employees achieve qualifications that are nationally accredited. An example of this is our Trainee Locomotive Driver Program that recruits and trains locomotive drivers across our regions.

We also have a range of other internal development programs:

  • Leading for Results is a frontline leader program to uplift capability and confidence in quality and safety.
  • Rail 101 workshop provides employees with a broad understanding of the technical aspects of our business and how these interact to create enterprise value.
  • Leading for High Performance is a platform to build leadership capability over five years, creating a safety and performance culture where employees live the Company values.
  • Online courses on multiple topics are available for personal development, compliance, onboarding and other business training needs.

Development assistance

We offer development and study assistance to support business relevant upskilling, both within the organisation as well as with an industry recognised institution. This is discussed and agreed upon with an employee’s direct leader, in line with their set performance deliverables.

Professional membership support

We provide memberships with role specific registrations or charterships to industry bodies that are directly linked to an employee’s current role.

Mentoring and coaching

We have an array of mentoring and coaching programs at Aurizon. We draw from the talent and experience we have, teaming up subject matter experts and progressive leaders to support the growth and development of our employees to set them up for success.


Together delivering for Australia

End of trip facilities

Encouraging an active journey to work, we provide showers, changing areas and bike storage facilities (subject to location).

Carer and Reflection rooms

Subject to location, there are dedicated Reflection (multi faith) rooms and dedicated Carers rooms for all employees. The carer rooms provide a private facility for baby changing and feeding needs.

Relocation assistance

We have a number of arrangements in place for internal relocations of employees to different regions or offices for a new position, development opportunity or promotion.

Strong investment in technology

We provide the most up to date technology for all employees, as relevant to their role. These may include, but not restricted to laptops, headsets, mobile phones, tablets, radios and onsite tools.

Salary sacrificing

We partner with Smart Salary to offer all employees the opportunity for salary packaging including items such as rent in regional locations and vehicle leasing.